The Polar Express Drinking Game

This drinking game is for the animated Christmas classic Polar Express. So sit back with a few drinks and let Tom Hanks conduct you into a whimsical world of Christmas magic.

This movie follows a young boy as he boards a train to the north pole. Throughout the whole movie you’re left wondering if all the magical happenings are part of a vivid imagination or a Christmas miracle. It’s one of those rare films that’s clearly made for children yet is thoroughly enjoyable for the whole family.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need to play this game is a few drinks and the movie itself. If you want to get really festive try playing with some Eggnog  or cider.

Polar Express Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Anyone says the name of the train “The Polar Express”
  • A golden ticket gets punched
  • Someone almost falls off the train
  • Someone boards or leaves the train
  • The hobo offers someone a cup of Jo
  • A song starts up or you hear a Christmas jingle in the background
  • You hear the train horn go off
  • The conductor checks his pocket watch or states how long until midnight

Chug for as long as the train is going downhill

Finish your drink when you can finally see Santa Clause for the first time


This great Polar Express drinking game is an awesome way to enjoy a few drinks during the holiday season. But always remember to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking. If you wanted to see more great christmas movie drinking games check out our massive collection on our drinking games page!