How To Play The Night Before Drinking Game

This game is for the raunchy Christmas comedy The Night Before. The movie itself is all about drinking, getting messed up, and learning the meaning of Christmas so it makes for a great drinking game.

The story follows Ethan, Isaac and Chris as they fulfill their yearly Christmas traditions and battle their own personal demons along the way. On the surface it sounds like any other Xmas movie but this one is purely for the adults since it’s chalked full of swearing, drinking, sex and drugs. So this game is a great way to keep on pace with the protagonists of the movie and get nice and toasty this holiday season.

What You’ll Need To Play

The movie which is currently streaming on Netflix and some drinks. Then just grab a seat and follow these easy drinking rules!

The Night Before Drinking Game Rules

  • Take a sip of your frosty beverage whenever…
  • Anyone mentions the Nutcracker Ball.
  • Someone drinks alcohol or takes drugs in the movie.
  • A famous person is mentioned by name.
  • Someone calls out Isaac for being too high.
  • Anyone says “fuck” or “fucking”
  • Red Bull is mentioned.

Take a big chug of your drink whenever one of their Christmas traditions is fulfilled.

Not going to lie, this The Night Before drinking game will get you pretty messed up if you follow all the rules so please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one. No need to hurt yourself over a drinking game. If this wasn’t exactly what you’re looking for we also have a huge collection of great Holiday drinking games such as A Charlie Brown Christmas or Home Alone.