The Most Common Casino Table Games

A young man with friends makes bets on roulette in a casino. Gambling in a casino.

Providers in the iGaming industry work tirelessly to create new titles. Some of them focus on slots, while others focus on table games, live titles, and even some specialty games. These games are added to the game selections of online casinos.

The platforms cater to many players from all over the world. Casino fans prefer different kinds of titles. Most of them are into slots, but there’s a group of fans that enjoys table games. The table games section is stacked with interesting titles. Below are a couple of the ones that any player will find at most casino sites.


When it comes to casino card games, blackjack is always on the list. It’s a simple game where you play against the dealer. Both of you get two cards and their values are compared. One or both sides might get a third card and the one closest to 21 wins. The ideal card value is 21 and if you get it, you win automatically.

Many online casinos have their versions of blackjack. For example, Novibet is a casino that’s frequently visited by blackjack fans. The Novibet online blackjack variants cater to different players’ tastes. Fans can pair them with some bonus offers to enhance their chances of winning. On top of that, they can stick to a certain blackjack game by a specific provider or go for another one. There are tons of table games available on the platform, so they’ll have plenty of choice.


The list of card games at any poker site isn’t complete without a bunch of poker games. Poker is a game that has been played for years and so far it hasn’t lost its shine. In this one, you don’t play against the dealer, but against other players. The aim is to have the card combo with the highest value to win the round. The great thing about poker is that there are several variants of the game. Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi-Lo are some of the most popular ones you’ll find around. Players can enjoy them for real money or play the demo versions to sharpen their skills and join the legends throughout the years.


Table games aren’t necessarily card games, although they make up most of the section. Roulette aims to correctly predict the outcome of a round. A ball is tossed by the virtual croupier into the roulette wheel, and you might guess where it lands. Players can bet on several groups of numbers or make single-number bets. It’s a simple game that both newbies and pros enjoy. They can go for one of the many versions of the games available in the table games section. Alternatively, they can find several roulette versions in the live casino section.


No table game selection at an online casino is complete without blackjack, roulette, and poker. These are the must-have titles for both online and land-based casinos. They have been popular for decades and will remain popular with the new generation of casino fans.