The Married… With Children Drinking Game

For all those looking to revisit this classic show and maybe catch a buzz at the same time we created the Married… With Children drinking game! The show follows Al Bundy, his wife Peg and his children. Al’s constant misery and need to make fun of his wife have been a source of entertainment for generations.

Our drinking game is pretty simple. Just follow these easy drinking rules and drink whenever these things happen. Which for most of these rules is multiple times per episode.

What You’ll Need

Any given episode of Maried… With Children and some drinks.

Married… With Children Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever…

  • Al has a hand down his pants.
    • Take an aditional drink if he’s got both hands down there.
  • Al says “Peg”.
  • Peg or Al burn each other. (Usually this is denoted by the over the top studio audience going “Ooooohhh!!! HAHAHA”)
  • Someone in the studio audience whistles at Kelly.
  • Al rejects a sexual advance from Peg
  • You notice an issue of “Big’uns”
  • Al makes fun of someone’s weight
  • Peggy says “Bon-Bon”
  • Whenever someone on the show drinks beer
  • Bud gets rejected or brings up his blowup doll
  • Al talks about his football past or his dreams to be a football pro. Such as mentioning the highlight of his life; getting 4 touchdowns in a single game.

Finish your drink whenever…

Al tells Peggy that he loves her. (Don’t worry this won’t be happening all that much.)


The Married… With Children drinking game is a great way to laugh at this miserably hilarious family while trying to ignore how much it resembles your own life. As with any drinking game though please make sure to take it easy and take a break if you think you need one. Please drink responsibly.