The Lords of Dogtown Drinking Game

The Lords of Dogtown is a dramatic retelling of the classic story of the zephyr boys and how they went from dogtown slumkids to the most famous and respected skaters in the world. Our Lords of Dogtown drinking game is pretty simple, just a few drinking rules to follow while watching the movie. However if you haven’t seen the movie or know what happens in it you might want to ignore the second part of the drinking rules as they’ll contain some spoilers.

What You’ll Need

The movie Lords of Dogtown and some drinks.

The Lords of Dogtown Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever…

  • Someone bails or crashes
  • Anyone is seen drinking booze or smoking weed
  • Anyone says “Man” (This rule is a doozy for any scene with Skip in it)
  • A trash can is knocked over
  • You’re reminded how poor Jay Adams is
  • Someone gets punched in the face

Take a Big Chug Whenever…

(Skip these rules if you haven’t seen the movie. There’s a good amount of spoilers in here.)

  • The crew is introduced to the urethane wheels.
  • The Zephyr team is formed.
  • They skate their first empty pool.
  • The Zephyr boys do their first photo shoot and land their first magazine cover.
  • Tony Alva leaves Zephyr.
  • The pier burns down.
  • It’s revealed that Sid had brain cancer.


All-in-all this Lords of Dogtown drinking game can be pretty hefty since basically every scene involves someone falling over or Skip saying “man” about 4 times per sentence. So please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one. If you are looking for more great drinking games to old school cult classic movies check out our F.U.B.A.R. drinking game!