The Justin Trudeau Drinking Game

If you’re the kind of person who needs a drink or two to stomach another pandering political speech than this Justin Trudeau drinking game should make things a little easier. For the most part anyone playing this game will be drinking for the expected tropes like his constant reminders of inequality and his need to apologize.

So just turn on any given speech or appearance by this Canadian eye-candy and follow these simple drinking rules.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is a way to stream one of his speeches and some drinks. If you want to get that true Canadian feel then grab some Rye whiskey and get ready for a gooder’.

The Justin Trudeau Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever

  • He says “We Canadians” or “We as Canadians”
  • He mentions the middle class
  • You see a woman in the room getting lost in his eyes
    • Drink twice if it’s someone who’s sitting next to her husband
  • Says “uhh..” and stutters
  • He mentions equality in any way

Take a huge swig whenever

  • He says “Sorry” and apologizes for something
  • He says “Reconciliation”
  • You can hear a booing from the crowd
  • He uses a very politically correct term for something such as “peoplekind”
  • Someone asks him a question that he refuses to answer


If you want to really kick things up than try drinking every time he mentions Canada or Canadians. I swear it’s every third word sometimes.


As far as drinking games go this one can get pretty heavy especially if his speech falls into the usual rabbit hole of the truth and reconciliation movement. So whether you’re watching to get a glimpse of Canadian politics or just trying to get lost in the Trudeau smile please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.