The Jersey Shore Vacation Drinking Game

jersey shore vacation drinking game by the chuggernauts

Jersey Shore Vacation is a spin off from MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore. This new reality TV show is similar to the before, Jersey Shore. This time around MTV follows cast members Jenni, Ronni, Snooki, Pauly, Vinny, Deena and Mike on their vacation from reality. Although the cast is being a bit more mature from prior TV shows, Jersey Shore Vacation still lives up to the name with endless fist pumping, and drinking. Who know’s what new adventures these guys will get into next.

Nothing is better then sitting back with a drink and watching these guys be a blast from the past. The Jersey Shore Vacation Drinking Game can be played while watching any season of Jersey Shore Vacation. This drinking game is one of the heavier drinking games on our website. So play with caution as you may be fist pumping along by then end of it.

What You’ll Need To Play

You won’t need much to play this game. Choose a few beverages of choice (maybe some Ron Ron juice) and any episode of the Jersey Shore Vacation. This game is suitable either to play in a group of a few people or on your own, both are just as fun.

The Jersey Shore Vacation Drinking Game Rules

Have One Sip Whenever…

  • Anyone says cheers or cheers there drinks together
  • Anyone says guido
  • For every item Mike orders off a menu
  • Someone says meatballs
  • Someone falls
  • Someone says MVP (Mike, Vinny, Pauly)

Have Two Sips Whenever…

  • Someone mentions Mike and jail
  • Someone cries about missing their kids
  • A physical fight breaks out
  • Someone mentions Sammi
  • Vinny talks about Keto

Finish Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someone brings up a story about the good old days
  • Security has to step into a scene
  • Someone is fist pumping
  • Pauly says the “Cabs are here”

The Jersey Shore cast is a secret guilty pleasure that we find our selves coming back to for more. If you enjoyed the Jersey Shore Vacation Drinking Game, check out more MTV drinking games, like the original Jersey Shore Drinking Game. Please remember to drink responsibly and don’y drink and drive.