The I Am Not Okay With This Drinking Game

I Am Not Okay With This Drinking Game Rules by

I Am Not Okay With This is a pretty stellar new show on Netflix. It’s a great combination of an artsy teen mellow drama meets a dark super hero show. Think Juno meets Stranger Things. Netflix sure is stepping up it’s casting game lately so you’ll be sure to see some familiar faces, including Sophia Lillis (The gal from the 2017 It movie). The show is pretty damn enjoyable no matter what demographic you fall under, so no matter your age or gender, I think this show will keep you captivated and leave you wanting more.

The drinking game should give you a pretty decent buzz but won’t totally floor you. It’s a great game for pregaming before heading out with some pals, staying in with your friends and having some drink, or heck, even just having drinks by yourself. Why the the fuck not? (as Syd would say… she really loves the F word). So turn on your T.V., Boot up your streaming device and grab a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage while you enjoy this lovely and intriguing drinking game.

What You’ll Need To Play

You won’t need much to enjoy the I Am Not Okay With This Drinking Game. A T.V., a phone, a Tablet, a computer, or whatever it is you use to watch stuff on, a Netflix account, and of course, your favourite drink. Put all that together and you got a great time.

Drinking Game Rules

Take One Sip Whenever…

  • You hear Syd’s inner monologue
  • Stanly does something weird or awkward
  • Syd says, “fuck”
  • Syd uses her powers

Take Three Sips Whenever…

  • Syd says, “dear diary”
  • Stanly smokes weed

Finish Your Drink Whenever…

  • Syd’s mom is a bitch to her (for absolutely no reason)
  • Dina blows her off

I hope you’ll enjoy the I Am Not Okay With This Drinking Game as much as I have. It really is a super captivating and interesting show and adding a few drinks into the mix is a pretty great way to spend the day, enjoy.