The GoodFellas Drinking Game

GoodFellas is a classic story about the life of some italian gangsters who end up getting in way over their heads. It’s a tale of sex, drugs, money and all around dysfunction. So needless to say it makes for a great drinking game!

This movie is based around the book Wiseguys and was a major turning point in Scorsese’s career. It fallows Henry Hill as he actualizes his dream of being a gangster. Although he quickly finds out just how ruthless that world has become. It’s starts off fairly tame and quickly spirals out of control. So grab a drink or maybe a few and get ready for the Goodfellas Drinking Game.

What You’ll Need To Play

This game is fairly simple. Just get a drink or two ready and follow these simple drinking rules.

GoodFellas Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Someone does cocaine
  • Anyone says “wiseguys”, “gangster” or “goodfellas”
  • Someone is killed
  • Someone is seen smoking a cigar
  • Mikey gets unreasonably offended
  • Anyone mentions a name that ends in a Y sound such as “Mikey”, “Jimmy”, “Frankie” etc…
  • Someone gets arrested
  • You see Ray Liotta’s hilariously off-putting laugh


Don’t be fooled by the short list of drinking rules. This Goodfellas drinking game is pretty intense mostly because of the name rule. So don’t be afraid to take a break or pause the movie if you think you’re drinking too much too quickly. If you liked this game you can check our more of our great movie drinking games here.