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The Generic 80s Movie Drinking Game

The Generic 80s Movie Drinking Game -

Our Generic 80s Movie Drinking Game is designed to work with any typical movie from the 80s. Whether it be a comedy, an action movie, a horror, they all seem to share a lot of the same tropes. Such as montages, 80s slang phrases or smoking cigarettes. So pretty well any movie from that decade should work here.

What You’ll Need

Any classic 80s movie. For best results we suggest a cheesy action movie like The Terminator. But any genre will work. Then each player should have a drink or two ready.


Players will be drinking to all the classic tropes of 80s films. Additionally players will have to chug their drinks for the entirety of any montage. Making movies like Rocky a challenge.

The Generic 80s Movie Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time

  • Someone smokes
  • You see a leather jacket
  • Anyone puts on or takes off sunglasses
  • Someone snorts cocaine
  • You hear a cheesy laser noise
  • A classic 80s song starts playing in the background
  • You hear a synth in the background
  • You notice horrible special effects. (Hindsight’s a bitch)

Take a huge chug whenever someone delivers a one-liner

Drink whenever anyone uses any of the following words or phrases

  • Barf
  • Bod
  • To The Max
  • No Duh
  • Psych!
  • Take a Chill Pill
  • Totally

Chug for the duration of any Montage

If you wanted to add some extra 80s slang words to the list feel free to use this handy map from


Overall the generic 80s drinking game is quite the crapshoot. Depending on which movie you end up choosing. For best effect we suggest something with tons of one liners like Die Hard. As always though please remember to drink responsibly. Take a break if it’s getting too intense.