The Gauntlet Drinking Game

This drinking game is best with two players but works with more if players want to take turns. The goal of the game is to pass through the gauntlet by hopefully flipping 5 cards in a row without getting a face card. Each time they fail they drink and the cards are replaced. The only way out is to complete the gauntlet so this can be over is a snap or it can get very frustrating very quickly.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards with the jokers removed and some drinks.

Setting It Up

To start choose a dealer and a runner. The dealer will be dealing out the cards and the runner will be the one doing all the drinking.

The dealer shuffles the deck and places 5 rows in a diamond formation; 1,2,3,2,1. All face down. Then the rest of the deck is placed near the diamond.

The Gauntlet Drinking Game Rules

The objective of the game is for the runner to get from one end to the other by flipping cards and not flipping a face card. They start by flipping one of the cards at either end.

If it’s not a face card they move on to the next row and flip another card in that row, continuing until they either pass all the way through or flip a face card.

If they flip a face card they must drink. After they drink the dealer simply replaces the face cards and the runner goes again.

  • Jack – Drink for 1 second
  • Queen – Drink for 2 seconds
  • King – Drink for 3 seconds
  • Ace – Drink for 4 seconds

The only way for the gauntlet drinking game to end is for the runner to cross every row and complete the gauntlet. Even if the deck runs out of cards they are just shuffled and replaced. As with any drinking game you choose to play please always make sure to drink responsibly.