Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead Drinking Game

The Evil Dead Drinking Game (not to be confused with our Ash Vs The Evil Dead Drinking Game) is a game for the cult classic horror film that boosted Sam Raimi’s directing career as well as turning Bruce Cambell into a B-movie legend. If you have never seen this movie then you need to get on that. This horror flick sits atop as one of the most influential of all time.

This game will have people drinking to all the ridiculous effects and visible props in the movie as well as the iconic horror scenes. Never has a movie got this much millage out of a few fog machines.

What You’ll Need

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead and some drinks.

The Evil Dead Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Someone reads from the necromimicon
  • You see the blatantly fake moon
  • There’s clearly fake blood or creamed corn
  • You hear thunder
  • There’s a closeup of Ash’s face
  • A scene is in the monster’s point of view
  • There’s a shot of the cabin
  • You notice clearly displayed stage/fog lights
  • You catch yourself thinking “I think that’s enough fog already”

Finish your drink after the tree rape scene. You’re going to want to forget that ever happened. 


The Evil Dead drinking game is a great way to relive this classic piece of movie history. This film really blurs the line between good-bad and bad-good movie. Please always make sure to drink responsibly.