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The E3 Drinking Game

The E3 Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

It’s that time of year again so grab some drinks and watch as a plethora of spokesmen and CEO’s pander to their audiences. (And hopefully announce some new interesting titles too). Our E3 drinking game will help maximize the hype or at least drown your sorrows if the title you were hoping for wasn’t announced.

What You’ll Need

In order to this play this drinking game all you need is a stream of E3 and a few drinks. This can be played during any of the days of E3 so just pick whichever works best for you.

2004 Master Sword

E3 Drinking Game Rules

Whenever a sequel is announced or shown off, drink for whichever installment of the franchise it is. (For example if Assassin’s Creed 7 is announced, drink 7 times.)

Take a Sip Whenever

  • A release date is only a year with no season or month
  • Someone shows off some new obscure apparatus
  • There’s a “re-master” or “GOTY Edition”
  • Anyone says the word “Free” take a drink.
  • Anyone mentions that they “listened to the fans” or “got feedback from the community”
  • Anyone says “Open World”, “Online Multiplayer”, “Battle Royale”, “Story Driven” or “Procedurally Generated”.

Take a huge chug if

  • If they take a second to remember someone in the industry who died
  • Something is released that very day
  • There’s a standing ovation

Finish your drink if

  • Someone or somegame gets booed

The E3 drinking game is made to work with any year of E3. Since it’s a multiple day event just pick the day with panels that you’re most excited for. (Or just drink for every day, we don’t judge.) However you choose to play along please remember to drink responsibly. If you’re looking for some video game drinking games for more specific games we suggest taking a look at our always growing selection of drinking rules for video games.