The Crank Drinking Game

The official crank drinking game - the chuggernauts

Crank is one of those movies that is just so unbelievably ridiculous that it keeps you gripped the whole way through. Which of course is why we think it makes for the perfect drinking game movie. The premise of Crank is Jason Statham’s character Chev Chelios is poisoned in such a way that the only way he can keep himself alive is with adrenaline rushes like railing his girlfriend in public or getting into wicked car chases through the mall.

Our crank drinking game is pretty simple. Just follow the drinking rules and drink whenever any of them come up such as X-Ray close-ups on his heart or the constant use of the word “Shit!”. There’s also a hard version of the game for those who want to get really crazy with it.

What You’ll Need

All you’ll need for this drinking game is the cult classic Crank and some drinks.

Crank Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever…

  • There’s an X-Ray closeup on a heart
  • Chelios makes a phone call
  • Anyone says “Shit”
  • Chelios does something specifically to jack up his heart rate like chugging energy drinks or taking hits of nasal spray
  • You catch a glimpse of Statham’s ass
  • Chelios mentions that he’s dying
  • There’s a “google map” shot
  • There’s a split/screen style shot

Hardmode (If you’re looking to kick it up to the next level add in this rule)

  • Chug for as long as Chev is running in the movie.


If you’re looking for more sweet crank drinking game action check out our Crank 2: High Voltage drinking game! Although be careful, this game in particular involves a lot of alcohol consumption (especially if you’re brave enough to try out the hardmode rule) so please mind your limits and drink responsibly.