The Christmas Chronicles Drinking Game

Are you the type of person who loves to get a little tipsy around the holiday season? Well this year we decided to make a drinking game for Netflix’s annual attempt at a cookie cutter christmas special with The Christmas Chronicle Drinking Game.

This movie is everything you ever wanted in a Chrismas movie and less. It’s sort of like “The Santa Clause” without most of the humor or story structure. So needless to say having a few beers might help you push through.

What You’ll Need To Play

The film (currently streaming on Netflix) and a few drinks. This game will work with any amount of people so grab a bunch of friends and get Marry!

The Christmas Chronicles Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever

  • Santa is mentioned
  • The view is through a hand camera. (this is always marked with a date in the corner)
  • The death of their father comes up again
  • Someone scoffs at Santa because they don’t think he’s real
  • Ted does or says something angsty because he’s clearly far too cool for Christmas
  • Anyone says Teddy (for whatever reason people insist on saying his name whenever they speak to him)
  • You overhear a Christmas song playing
  • Someone talks about the Christmas spirit
  • Santa shows off a weird gadget for the first time

Hard Mode: If you’re looking to take it to the next level then try taking a sip whenever Christmas is mentioned at all. Fair warning, that’s about every 3rd word in this film.

This The Christmas Chronicles drinking game is a little intense. You might end up drinking a few bowls of holiday punch before it’s over especially if you brave the hard mode rules. So always make sure to take a breather if you need one and please drink responsibly.

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