The Centurion Drinking Game

The Centurion drinking game is more of a challenge than a game. The aim is to finish 60 shots of beer or low alcohol content drink within 60 minutes. It sounds pretty easy on face value but it piles up very quickly. The game is also known by the name Power Hour and is often played to celebrate people’s birthdays when they arrive at the legal drinking age. It can be played with however many people you want.

What You’ll Need

A whole bunch of beer or mixed drink and a shot glass for every player. Then you’ll need something to keep track of time like a clock timer or one of the many YouTube power hour videos.

Centurion Drinking Game Rules

Before starting everyone should fill up their first shot glass and the video or timer should be cued up. Once that’s done count down from 5 and then hit play.

At the end of each minute everyone still in the game should take their shot and then refill it. Keep doing this until the 60 minutes are up.

Not everyone will necessarily finish the game, it’s very common for people to back out before getting the full 60. If anyone fails to take their shot before their next shot is supposed to happen then they are out of the game. They can keep track of how far they got and use that as their score to try and beat next time.


It may not sound like a ton since the Centurion drinking game results in 60-90 ounces (depending on the size of the shot glass) or just under 6 pints of beer, but with drinking that much in under an hour and with that much consistency it’s bound to catch up on you. So please drink responsibly, there’s no shame in bowing out early if you think you’re going to be sick or succumb to alcohol poisoning.