The Border Security Drinking Game

This Border Security drinking game is for the reality TV show about people getting through borders and those who have to screen them. There’s a lot of different versions of this show such as America’s front line, Canada’s front line, Australia’s front line, etc… It doesn’t really matter which one you choose since they are all pretty much the same. This drinking game works with any number of people so just grab a drink or two and follow these easy drinking rules.

Although this game was designed with this series in mind it would also work with any of the other security shows like UK Border Force or Airport Security. Really any show where people are being searched for contraband.

What You’ll Need

Pick a few episodes of your favorite version of this show and get a few drinks ready.

Border Security Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip If…

  • Something is tested for narcotics.
  • Someone says they don’t speak English.
  • Some produce is seized.
  • Someone is taken into questioning.
  • Anyone is asked how long they’re staying in the country.

Take a Big Chug if…

  • Drugs are found.
  • Someone is denied entry into a country and sent back home.
  • Someone is fined for not claiming something.
  • A call is made to confirm someone’s story.
  • Someone starts to cry or gets violent.

Finish Your Drink If…

  • Someone gets arrested on the spot.
  • Guns are drawn.


Even though it’s always fun to laugh at the dopes who try to cross the border with croc’s lined with black tar heroine please remember to always drink responsibly. If you feel like you’ve done enough drinking consider taking a break and sitting out for a round or two. If you liked this game you might want to check out our COPS drinking game.