The Boozegames – Combining All Your Favourite Drinking Games

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The Boozegames is an all-in-one drinking game that promises to combine everyone’s favourite drinking games into one slobber-knocker card game that will keep the party going.

With 8 distinctly different decks of cards, each with a wide variety of drinking games and challenges, BoozeGames is a game that will never get repetitive.

How do You Play BoozeGames?

Boozegames Types of Cards

One of the greatest things about this game is how easy it is to play. Because who wants to sit around reading rules all day when you’re trying to pre-game?

All you need to do is take turns flipping a card from the selection deck and then drawing a card from the corresponding deck. Once a player draws a card they simply read the card aloud and do what it says.

Keep playing until you’re too drunk to play (or you’re just ready to move on with the night). With eight unique decks, we suggest selecting the categories that best suit your particular group of friends.

8 Unique Categories

Fu#@ed Up Friends

This deck is full of cards that will determine just how messed up your present company is. This deck has a lot of great ice-breaker questions that are great for getting to know people.

Bread N’ Butter

This is the money deck (in our opinion). It’s full of classic drinking games like beer-pong and coin games.

Body Mind and Spirit

These cards are all psychical or mental challenges such as facing the judgement of your peers or coming up with a sick rap verse.

Arts School

Time to finally put that performance arts degree to use. This one splits players up in teams to compete in classic games like charades.

BoozeGames Got Talent

This deck has players singing or dancing to their favourite (or least favourite) songs. The great thing about these cards is that they all offer two options so players can choose how they want to embarrass themselves.

You Won’t Do It

You can’t have a drinking card game without dares. This deck challenges the player to a ridiculous stunt.

The Law

These are the rule cards in the game. Wacky game rules that will persist for multiple terms and make everyone act-a-fool.

Cooked Trivia

This deck is exactly what it sounds like. Ridiculous trivia questions for the group to try and answer.

BoozeGames Review

POV: You’ve Just Finished Playing Boozegames For Far Too Long

When this snazzy game arrived the first thing that was evident was the quality of the game. The design is sleek and the logos are really pleasing. This was a pleasant surprise because so many other drinking/party games put quality on the back burner.

Now for the actual gameplay. There’s a lot of “flip-and-do-the-thing” style drinking games that we’ve played over the years, so we kind of knew what to expect. However BoozeGames had exceeded out expectations. The best part about it being the 8 unique decks packed with a lot of creative cards. This makes the game have immense replay value, as well as the ability to customize the game and only use the decks you enjoy the most.

Granted maybe six dude’s in a basement isn’t the exact clientele this game was looking for, we still managed to have a great time. I will say that BoozeGames functions better when you’re already a few beers deep. That liquid courage to actually attempt some of the more ridiculous cards can work wonders. Also the great people at Boozegames donate 10% of all profits to charity, so it’s a win-win!

Overall, BoozeGames is a great party game for pre-gaming or just keeping the conversation going. It’s the all-in-one drinking card game that’s sure to be a good time.