The Atypical Drinking Game

Atypical is a drama that follows an Autistic boy named Sam and the every day differences for him and his family. Although the show itself is about Sam it spends an equal amount of time with each of his family members and their own problems. This Atypical drinking game is pretty easy, just grab a drink and follow the simple drinking rules like taking a sip every time you notice one of Sam’s ticks.

What You’ll Need

Any episode (or multiple) of the show and a drink of choice. The game itself plays out very simply, just read the forthcoming drinking rules and drink whenever they come up. Plus you’ll need to finish your drink whenever there’s a physical fight in the show which only happens a couple times a season.

Atypical Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip of Your Drink Whenever…

  • You notice one of Sam’s stimming behaviour like pulling his hair or rocking back and forth.
  • Zahid gives Sam life advice
  • Casey insults Elsa or kicks her out of her room
  • Sam mentions Antarctica or any antarctic animal
  • Sam runs away and hides
  • Anyone uses the words “Autism/Autistic” or “Neurotypical”
  • There’s a scene of Casey running
  • Sam talks to or leaves a message for Julia
  • Paige or Sam confess their love/hate for each other

Finish Your Drink Whenever There’s a Physical Fight or Breakup


Our Atypical drinking game is a great way to catch a quick glimpse at the lives of those who are effected by autism while having a few drinks at the same time. Although it is important to note that this is just a very dramatized look at a single families lives. Please try to remember to always drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one.