The Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Drinking Game

This Parts Unknown drinking game is for the documentary series by popular chef/journalist Anthony Bourdain. With all the drinking that goes on in this show you may as well join in the fun!

Generally in each episode of this show Bourdain takes the viewer to a different corner of the world to see how they experience life through their cooking, excursions and how they spend their nightlife. Our drinking game will have anyone playing drinking for all the common occurrences in the show such as when Anthony monologues about the history of the location.

What You’ll Need

A few good episodes of Parts Unknown and some drinks. For this game we suggest using some of the episodes where he covers the nightlife like the Tokyo Nights episode.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever

  • Anthony takes a sip of his own drink
  • The viewer is introduces to Bourdain’s guide/friend for the episode
  • Anthony’s history of drug abuse is mentioned
  • The topic of sex or porn comes up
  • Bourdain orders some food

Take a Big Chug Whenever

  • An animal is butchered
  • Anthony is noticeably drunk
  • Someone mentions the local gangs or cartels from the area

Hard Mode

If this game didn’t cut it for you and you want to add a ton of extra drinking try taking a sip every time Anthony Bourdain swears.


Our Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown drinking game is all in good fun but if you feel like you have had enough please consider slowing down or stopping. Always make sure to drink responsibly. If you want a drinking game for a different style of cooking show check out our Chopped Drinking Game.