The AGDQ Drinking Game

Our AGDQ drinking game has people drinking to the Awesome Game Done Quick twitch show where professional speed runners compete to complete games at break-neck speeds all to benefit a charity. So if you want to have a few drinks and help out a great cause at the same time all you need to do is follow these easy peasy drinking rules.

What You’ll Need To Play

Some drinks (obviously) and the live stream of AGDQ. The event runs a full week so check out the schedule and play on a day where one of your favorite games are streaming.

AGDQ Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever any of the following words are mentioned

  • Marathon
  • Shout-Out
  • Unlucky
  • T.A.S. levels
  • RNG
  • Boss Battle

Take a drink whenever…

  • Someone’s in-game tag is mentioned
  • The audience claps
  • An anonymous donation comes up
  • The runner has to restart
  • A specific percentage is mentioned

Take 3 drinks whenever…

  • Someone slips up and swears on stream
  • There’s a massive donation of over 1000$

If someone breaks any kind of record in a game you must either finish your drink or donate 1 dollar to the stream. 

Optional Rule: If you want to keep things more interesting players can make side bets on if a runner will beat his estimated time or not. Loser drinks an agreed on amount or must donate to the stream.


We tried to make this AGDQ drinking game as general as possible so that it will work year after year, but feel free to incorporate some added rules around whoever is casting or playing on that specific day. Hope this inspires people to have fun and donate to a worthwhile cause while they’re at it. As with any drinking game please make sure to drink responsibly and if you think you’ve had enough consider taking a breather. Cheers!