Tetris Drinking Game

Tetris Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This Tetris Drinking Game should work with any of the many versions and remasters of this game. At this point the game basically exists on every platform you could imagine so it should be easy to find a copy of it somewhere. This game involves players taking turns playing Tetris so it works best with smaller groups like 1-6 people.

What You’ll Need

Tetris and a few drinks. If you don’t happen to own a copy you can play for free online here!

Tetris Drinking Game Rules

Based on the speed of this game, a lot of these rules might require you to quickly pause the game whenever any of the following

  • Anytime one of the red or green “Z” shaped blocks drops, take a sip. Seriously screw those things.
  • Anytime a straight line block drops and you don’t manage to get a line with it, take a drink.
  • Whenever you block off a line and make it so there’s no way to fill in that line without filling in one on top, take a drink.

At the end of the game drink for however many lines you had less than the previous players attempt. If it’s only you playing drink for however many lines you had less than your own previous attempt. For example if you finish with 30 lines but the player before you finished with 45, you owe 15 drinks chump!

The Tetris drinking game is a great game for anyone who loves puzzle games and casual beers. If you liked that you might want to check out our drinking game for Kirby’s Air Ride. A with all drinking activities please make sure to drink responsibly.