Here’s a Tetris 99 Drinking Game

Whether you’re just too skilled and need to handicap yourself or you just want to use alcohol as an excuse for your poor placements, we created a Tetris 99 drinking game to help make that easier.

The game itself is simple. Just drink for your placement based on chart below. Since this is such a straight forward game it really doesn’t need too many complex rules. Although unlike other tetris games this one pits players against each other in a massive battle with only 1 person to come out the victor.

What You’ll Need To Play

The game itself and ample amounts of alcohol to compensate for your failures.

Tetris 99 Drinking Game Rules

For this game all you gotta do is grab your Switch and start up a game of Tetris 99. All drinks happen between rounds based on your placement in that round.

Drink according to your final placement;

  • 99th – You’re god awful. Shotgun a full beer.
  • 90th-99th – You still suck. Take a shot and wash it down with some beer.
  • 75th-90th – Finish your drink!
  • 50th-75th – Almost average! Drink 5 times.
  • 40th-50th – Cool I guess? Drink 4 times.
  • 30th-40th – Drink 3 times.
  • 20th-30th – Not Bad! Drink twice.
  • 10th-20th – Solid! take a single drink!
  • 2nd-10th – No drinks! You’ve earned this sobriety!
  • 1st place – Take a victory shot!

Bonus: At the end of the round if you haven’t gotten any K.O.s take a drink. You can also play this multiplayer by passing the switch around between rounds and adding in an additional drink if you didn’t beat the score of the person who went before you.


If you liked this Tetris 99 drinking game but wanted to try out some more great switch drinking games we have tons more on our Drinking Games Page! Whichever you choose to play always remember to drink responsibly and never drive drunk.