Task Master Drinking Game Rules


Task Master is a drinking game that’s commonly played in bars or clubs, or at least someone with a lot of strangers so that everyone can embarrass themselves. It’s a great way to ensure that it’s going to be a night you’ll remember. The basics of the game is that one person is a task master and asks someone else to do something, and if they do it they get to be the next task master. If they refuse they drink!

Set Up

There’s no real set up to this game other than getting to a good location and deciding who should go first. If it’s someone’s birthday celebration or bachelor party they are the lucky one to act first.

Task Master Drinking Game Rules

After you have an appointed task master and everyone has their drinks nearby the game is ready to begin. The master can pick anyone else to perform a task. The task can be anything they want such as “ask out 3 members of the same sex” or “do a handstand in the middle of the dancefloor”. Typically in this game you want the tasks to all involve strangers and not the other players in the game so that other people don’t know what’s going on.

If the taskee refuses the task they have to neck their whole drink and get a new one. Then the master asks another player to do a task.

If the taskee completes the task they now get to become the master and ask someone else to do a task of their choosing.


The task master drinking game works best if people are creative with their tasks. It’s one of those games that gets funnier as people get more drunk and start to consider some truly absurd stunts. As always please remember to drink responsibly.