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Tablero Rules – The Medieval Game Of Tablero De Gucci

Tablero de Gucci is a drinking game that’s based off a similar gambling game called Tablero De Jesus. It’s known as a medieval drinking game despite it’s origins dating to the early 1970s by a Medieval recreation group known as the SCA. The idea of this game is to get your opponent to finish his glass before you do by moving shot glasses around a board, making lines, drinking the shots and making your opponent refill them. Best of all is that these Tablero rules are pretty easy once you get used to them and you can make all the components you need with an old chess board and some dice. This is a two player drinking game, but it can also be played in teams of 2v2.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need exactly 7 shot glasses, 2 large glasses, 2 dice and a 7×7 grid. For the grid you can either make it out on a piece of paper or tape off a few of the rows of a chess/checkers board until it’s 7×7.

Setting It Up

Tablero Set Up

Each player fills up their supply cup. The bigger this cup is the longer the game will last so players can pick how much they want to play with. Both players need to have exactly the same amount in their cups. (or as close as possible)

After you got your board ready each player places 3 shot glasses on their “base-line”. The base line is the horizontal line closest to them. The shots are placed from the bottom right and then continue left from there on the baseline.

Then the 7th shot glass is placed in the middle of the board.

Fin a spectator (preferably a woman) to roll both dice. Whatever the result is will be known as “The Queen’s Roll”.

Players then each roll a die and the highest roller goes first. They take the center cup, fill it up with their supply, and place it on the baseline to the left of the other shot glasses.

The Object Of The Game

The goal here is to deplete your opponents supply and get them to drink all their drinks. The way to do this is to move the shot glasses around and create lines. Which causes the player to created the line to drink a few shots and then the opponent must fill them back up on their own baseline causing them to lose some drink from their supply cup.

Playing The Game

Whoever rolled the highest gets to go first. They roll both dice.

If they roll a total of 7, 11 or 12 they automatically pass and their turn is over.

If the player rolls the “Queens Number” (whatever it happened to be when rolled at the start) they get to toast to the queen. They choose any shot glass on the board, drink it back, and place it on their opponent’s baseline for them to refill. They retain control of the dice and can roll again. If a player doesn’t notice they roll the queens number and roll again the opposing player can call out “Treason!” and then the player who called treason gets to drink a glass instead and put it on their opponents baseline for them to refill.

Otherwise if they roll any other combination they must try and move any two shot glasses equal to the two separate numbers on the dice. They must move in a straight line in any direction. If a player is unable to move a glass with the numbers rolled they must pass their turn, otherwise they can continue to roll and move glasses.

For example if a player rolls a 3 and a 2 then they can move any two shot glasses, one 3 spaces and the other 2 spaces. If they manage to do that then they can continue and roll again until they get one of the pass numbers or roll something in which they can’t move any glasses.

Remember, the goal is to create a horizontal or diagonal line to force the opponent to refill some shot glasses.

Creating A Line

To create a line a player either needs to have all 7 glasses in a diagonal line or at least 6 glasses in a horizontal line. If this happens then whoever put the line together gets to “pull” the line.

When a line is made the player who made it gets to pull it. The player who made it must drink at least half of the glasses in the line. So if there’s 7 in the line they must drink at least 4, but can drink more if they so choose. The puller also gets to decide what to do with the remaining shot glasses in the line. They can feed them to the opponent, the Queen, random spectators, as long as they are all drank. It’s usually customary to give the opponent at least one.

After the line is all drank the half that the puller scored are placed on their baseline and the others are placed on the opponents baseline. It is then opponents turn.

Winning the Game

The game is over when someone goes to fill a shot and cannot because their supply is empty, they lose the game. From here it’s customary for the winner to fill out all the empty shot glasses with their supply and give them to all players and spectators to toast.


These Tablero rules are fairly simple once you get the hang of them but it might take a few turns to get the swing of things. The game itself is great because even though it’s only a 2 person game there’s a lot of participation with the spectators being offered some of the shot glasses as the game goes on.