Sword Art Online Drinking Game

Sword Art Online Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

The Sword Art Online Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime Sword Art Online. In this anime we follow gamer protagonist Kirito as he fights for his life to escape a video game in which thousands of peoples minds have been trapped. The story here isn’t anything too complicated: The fight for survival in a medieval styled video game. Kirito grows grossly overpowered and experiences loss throughout this series. The heavy emphasis on death and power make this a great anime to enjoy a few drinks to.



Sword Art Online and drinks


Players will be drinking every time one of these recurring themes comes up in the anime Sword Art Online. Additionally players will finish their drinks whenever a boss is defeated on screen.


Sword Art Online Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever

  • A character talks about money, experience, or a players level.
  • A guild or party is mentioned.
  • Something dies, be it a person or monster.
  • You see a glowing object.
  • Someone talks about death. (death, revival, staying alive,etc.)
  • Someone opens up an in game menu.


Finish your drink whenever

  • A boss is defeated on screen.

Fortunately there aren’t too many bosses defeated on screen so full drinks are mostly safe. The boss rule is fairly balanced out by the fact that the regular rules happen quite often, be it from a large group opening their menus or the constant mentioning of money and experience. The Sword art online drinking game will be sure to get you drunk enough after only a handful of episodes with it’s steady stream of drinks. So open up your drinks and get ready to dive into cyberspace.