Survivor Flip Cup Rules

Flip Cup

This game is a simple variation on the classic flip cup. Basically what separates Survivor Flip Cup is at the end of each round the losing team must elect a player to be removed from the team. (often chopping off the weakest link). Which results in more and more drinking for the remaining team members until one of the teams runs out of players to discard, making the other team the winners. This game is typically played in a 5v5 fashion so 10 players.

What You’ll Need

A long table, tons of beer, plastic cups, 10 players.

Set Up

The set up is much the same as flip cup. Two teams of fix line up on opposite sides of the table. Then they each pour themselves a beer and wait for the starting players on each team to kick it off.

Survivor Flip Cup Rules

At the count of 3 (or at the end of a good ol’ drinking chant) the game begins. The starting player on each team on the back end both pick up and chug their drinks.

Once their respective drinks are emptied they must try to place the cup on the edge of the table and flip it with their finger. The goal is to get the cup to flip over to the opposite side. Once this is accomplished the next player on their team can repeat the same steps.

Whichever team chugs and flips all their cups first are the winners.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. The winning team must all take turns voting who to kick off on their team. Often the player that took the longest. Then another round happens and the losing team will be down a man (5 on 4). Keep in mind they still have to drink just as much so one of the players must drink 2 beers and flip twice.

This keeps whittling down until one team loses all their players and the other team are the winners.


This is one of the highest volume drinking games out there. Especially for the hero that is left over to represent his entire team and drink 5 beers in a single round. So please for the love of god, drink responsibly. It’s easy to see how this can get messy.