Surgeon Simulator Drinking Game

Surgeon Simulator Drinking Game -

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Surgeon Simulator is the wacky and nonsensical surgeon simulation game by Tom Jackson. Basically you fumble organs and sharp objects around until you hope to reach the technical completion of a surgical task. Each player controls one of the surgeon’s hands in the most awkward way imaginable.


The surgeon simulator drinking game is perfect because it already seems like the hands you control are drunk. So grab a few beers and get ready to do some life altering operations!



Surgeon Simulator for any platform (PC, Mac, Ps4 or Xbox) and drinks.


Players will be forced to play this game with only one hand. The other hand clutching a beer. There is also drinking penalties for poor surgery.


Surgeon Simulator Drinking Game Rules:

Each player must play this game with only one hand on the controller and the other hand holding a beer. They are only allowed to place both hands on the controller once they’ve finished the beer. Honestly these controls make a lot more sense if you imagine the surgeon chugging a beer while he’s trying to operate.


Take a drink every time:

You remove an organ you weren’t supposed to

You lose something inside the patient

You drop something out of screen and can’t get it

Drink 5 if:

You fail the surgery.

Take a shot or chug the rest of your drink if:

You finish or fail the surgery but forget your watch inside the patient.


This Surgeon Simulator drinking game is pretty heavy since it’s a full drink every 5 or so minutes. If players want an extra challenge they can tape the beers to their hands to ensure they don’t let it go. This game works best 2 player but players can also just take turns playing 1 player as well. There’s a few valid strategies to this game. Players can either chug their drinks right away to free up their hands or slowly drink throughout the game while playing 1 handed. However you chose to play this game is sure to bring in some laughs and good times.