Super Skills: A Game of Wacky Challenges

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Super Skills is a challenge game for all ages. The game comes with 120 unique challenge cards that will test your skills at various tasks. From throwing a ball into a cup, to precariously balancing dice, to trying to flip cups off of a stick, this game combines tons of unique and fun party games.

Sick of playing the same few party games at every event? Well Super Skills shakes things up by combining a ton of different games all in one small box. Everything you need should be right inside and it’s as easy as flipping cards and finding out what your next challenge will be.

How To Play

Like any good party game, Super Skills is very easy to understand and play. Players simply take turns drawing cards, setting up challenges on them, and then take turns attempting to complete it.

Each challenge card comes with a few key pieces of information on it. First is how to set up the challenge with the various objects in the box. Second is how many attempts you get to complete it. Lastly is how the challenge works; some involve the whole group, some are solo and some are 1-on-1 challenges.

Super Skills also comes with a whiteboard to write down everyone’s scores and game-wins. A typical game is played up to 10 points, but feel free to play as short or long of a game as you want.

Super Skills Review

After a few beers we decided to test out Super Skills and give it our thoughts. One thing we noticed is that the challenges in this game can vary greatly in difficutly. Some are fairly simple beer pong games we were able to get on the first try, some others nobody was able to complete at all. Maybe that’s the alcohol’s fault though.

We made sure to try out a bunch of cards from both unique decks to get a feel for the game. We definitely preferred the group challenges overall. But there was fun challenges in every style.

The two groups of people I would recommend this game to is children or people at a party. Children get a lot from this game by attempting the various difficulties of challenges, and people who have had a few drinks at a party will love the amonut of different skills needed to win. Being good at beer pong or other similar party games is a great asset in Super Skills.

Honestly there isn’t too much to review about this game. The challenges are fun and you get exactly what you pay for. A few different items like cups, dice and balls and a few decks of cards filled with wacky party challenges. If that’s something you would enjoy than this game is a no-brainer.

Overall, this game was fun and exactly as promised. Easy to pick up and play, good for all ages, and a fun way to show off your skills. Great for parties or to entertain kids.