Super Mario Bros Movie Drinking Game

Super Mario Bros Drinking Game -

This Super Mario Bros Movie drinking game is for the 1993 live action disaster based on the Super Mario franchise. The basic premise of this movie is Mario, Luigi and Daisy (not Peach for some reason) travelling through dimensions to stop Bowser from devolving everyone into Goombas. It’s a pretty hilarious mix of iconic names and total nonsense story-line so naturally it makes for a great drinking game.

This drinking game mostly focuses on the few words that are repeated dozens of times each in this film. Words that are never uttered in the games like Dimension or Plumber.


All you’ll need for this movie is the Super Mario Bros Movie and some drinks. Conveniently enough Nintendo doesn’t care about this movie at all so it’s available to watch for free on Youtube.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Drinking Game

Drink anytime anyone says any of the following words

  • Dimension(s)
  • Plumber
  • Yoshi
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Daisy
  • Toad

Drink whenever one of the Mario Bros uses a tool

Drink whenever the rock/meteor shard is mentioned

Drink when there’s a bad pun

Drink whenever someone is evolved or devolved

Drink whenever Big Bertha punches someone

Drink whenever you recognize a new Mario enemy in the movie. This includes seeing the name of one on a sign.

Drink whenever you hear toad’s harmonica being played


This is one of our steadier drinking games. The amount of times the words “dimension”, “Plumber”, “Mario” and “Luigi” are said is absolutely staggering. Plus there’s a ton of scenes that involve Mario or Luigi busting out their tools to solve a problem. If you can get past the sea of inconsistencies and absolutely terrible plot this makes for a pretty great drinking game. But please exercise caution and drink responsibly.