The Super Bowl Drinking Game – Drink To Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl LII Drinking Game -

Once again we’ve reached the pinnacle of the NFL with Super Bowl 52 on it’s way. Love him or hate him we find Tom Brady in yet another super bowl. Will he be able to lead the Patrioits to another title? For the Eagles fans out there this is a chance to FINALLY clinch a Super Bowl and finally remove that asterisk beside their wins that were before the AFL-NFL merger. The Eagles have set the precedence with an amazing defense this year that will hopefully be hard to crack even for the experienced Patriots offense. Even if you’re just a neutral fan this Super Bowl drinking game should have you on your feet during what’s sure to be an exciting finale to the 2017-2018 NFL playoffs.

How To Play

Simply find yourself a seat in front of Super Bowl LII on Sunday and pick which team you want to win it all. Then grab a beer and follow these simple drinking rules.


Super Bowl Drinking Rules

Make sure to pick which team you want to win it then follow these rules.

Whenever the opposing team…

  • Sacks the quarterback, drink once.
  • Scores a field goal, drink 3 times.
  • Scores a touch down, drink 6 times.
  • Gets the extra point, drink once.
  • Gets the extra 2 points, drink 5 times.
  • Catches an interception, finish your drink.
  • Makes a big play or return for over 50 yards, finish your drink.

Whenever your team…

  • Gets a 5 yard penalty, drink once.
  • Gets a 10 yard penalty, drink 3 times.
  • Gets a 15 or more yard penalty, finish your drink.
  • Misses a field goal attempt, drink 3 times.
  • Concedes a turnover on downs, drink 3 times.


Drink whenever the announcer mentions Tom Brady’s Super Bowl stats in any way.

Drink whenever the announcer mentions the Eagles lack of Super Bowl stats in any way.

Drink if you catch yourself saying “F*** Tom Brady…”. There’s no room for that potty mouth, this is the Lord’s day!

Drink once whenever the Eagles and Patriots head-to-head stats are brought up.

Finish your drink if your team blows a 25 point lead in the fourth quarter, conceding one of the worst chokes in professional sports history.


Take a shot if

  • Tom Brady wins another god damn super bowl.
  • The Eagles finally win a god damn super bowl.


There you have it, our Super Bowl drinking game. Hopefully this will be just the right amount of drinking to either drown your sorrows or contain your hype by the end of Super Bowl LII. Our final drinking rule will end up in a shot regardless of which side of the fence you sit so get a couple bottles of celebratory alcohol ready.