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Suddenly Drunk – The Amazing Way to Blend Drinking Games With Board Games

The Suddenly Drunk drinking game is a little different than your average drinking card game. The idea of this great game is that it works in conjunction with any other turn based board game. All you have to do is remember to flip one of the Suddenly Drunk cards at the start of your turn and do whatever it says. It’s a great way to spice up classic board games like Monopoly or even add a bit of hilarity to your next strategic board game night.

What you’ll need

The deck of Suddenly Drunk drinking cards and any turn based board game. Such as Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Jenga, whatever! And of course don’t forget drinks.

Who Should Play This Game?

Suddenly Drunk is great for anyone who’s a fan of board games and also enjoys a drink or two. If you’re the type to have a few drinks with your board game nights anyway than this game is a no-brainer. It simply adds a bit of drunken hilarity to any game.

Suddenly Drunk Drinking Game Rules

This is one of the easiest games to play out there. The only rule is to flip a card once a turn and do what the card says. The cards range from taking sips to having to speak in an accent until your next turn. So whichever game you choose to play it with should play out the same as it normally would.

The game is split between two types of cards. Instant and Any-Time. The Instant cards have their effects activated immediately such as “Drink!” or “Speak in an accent!”. The “Anytime” cards however can be held onto until you need them such as “Reflect”.


  • Simple
  • Works with other games
  • Great way to combine drinking and board gaming
  • Hilarious cards


  • Requires other games to play
  • Some cards last too long

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The Verdict

For those who are a fan of drinking and board games Suddenly Drunk is a must have. The one gripe we had testing out this game is that some of the cards last indefinitely. Such as the cards that cause players to have accents. So a few of us were stuck speaking in accents for the entirety of a very long board game. But we just decided on house rules to make it only last a round and it was fine. Regardless of that we’d recommend this game to anyone who likes to unwind during their game nights, this unique card game really adds a ton a fun to any gathering.