Suck and Blow Rules

The Suck and Blow drinking game is one you’ll only want to play if you have a pretty even amount of guys and girls playing. It’s also a game that’s best played once everyone already had a few drinks before hand as there’s not all that much drinking in the game itself. This game works best with around 4-10 players.

What You’ll Need

A single playing card and some drinks for each player

Set Up

For this game to work best you want to alternate guys and girls in a circle. So that every guy has two girls next to him and every girl has two guys. Then pick out a single playing card from a deck, doesn’t matter which one, and pass it to the starting player.

Suck and Blow Drinking Game Rules

The goal of this game is to pass a playing around in a circle with your lips.

One player starts by suctioning the card to their mouth and then passes is to the player on the left. They do this by suctioning the card and the other player doing the same, then one player lets go by blowing instead of sucking.

If ever the card is dropped the two players attempting the pass take a drink. If the card is dropped by someone when they’re not passing then they have to drink twice themselves.

This game continues as long as players want. To keep things fresh players can stop every once in a while and shuffle around where everyone is sitting.


The Suck and Blow drinking game is more of an excuse to nearly kiss than an actual drinking game so don’t expect too much drinking. So this game is best played later in the night when people have already had a few and are willing to make some poor decisions.