The “Stuck at a Friend’s Kid’s Lame Birthday Party” Drinking Game

The "Stuck at a Friend's Kid's Lame Birthday Party" Drinking Game -

At a certain point in time all your friends started having kids and now you’re stuck going to little Liam’s second birthday party and pretend you wouldn’t rather be at home having a few drinks and enjoying your freedom. So we decided to come up with a way to bridge the gap with our “Stuck at a Friend’s Kid’s Lame Birthday Party” drinking game!

How to Play

The first and most tricky part of this game is in the set up. You need to find a way to sneak some alcohol into a cup or some kind of clever drunkard’s apparatus. From there all you gotta do is follow these simple drinking rules and remind everyone why they shouldn’t be inviting you to family friendly functions.

Drinking Rules

Drink Once Every Time

  • You can tell a parent is holding back their anger at their child because other people are watching
  • A kid spills something
  • Someone makes a completely inappropriate joke
  • The weird kid keeps asking you questions
  • Someone passive aggressively judges someone’s parenting decision
  • Someone brags about their shitty childhood such as starting a sentence with “Well when i was a kid we didn’t have…”
  • Anyone asks you about your job
  • You catch anyone checking out football scores
  • Anyone asks you about your love life or if you plan on having kids
  • A kid unwraps a present before they’re supposed to
  • Someone tells a kid to stop eating junk food

Drink 3 times if

  • Someone curses in front of a child
  • There’s a full-on toddler tantrum
  • Anyone says the word “Spoiled”

Finish your drink if

  • Anyone finds out you’ve been playing a drinking game this whole time. On the bright side you’ll probably never be invited again.


The “Stuck at a Friend’s Kid’s Lame Birthday Party” Drinking Game is a great way to pass the time until you can finally go home and resume your regular routine of nothing-at-all. It doesn’t have to just be for the childless few out there, but it does get a little more tricky when you’re trying to hide your drinking habits from your own family and children.