How To Play The Strip Poker Drinking Game – Rules Variants and More

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, but is it really a good drinking game? In its traditional form, no. If you want to win a normal game of poker you have to have 100% concentration, focus and determination. There’s a reason you never see the pros sinking rum and coke at the World Series of Poker.

However, if you substitute cash prizes for strip forfeits then it becomes a great drinking game, guaranteed to liven up even the dullest of parties. So, if you’re thinking of adding a bit of spice to your next party then read on for our ultimate guide to Strip Poker.

What Is Strip Poker?

First things first, what is Strip Poker? Well it’s a poker variant that takes away much of the intensity of the game and replaces it with fun, thrills and lots of nudity. It’s best played along with at least a few alcoholic beverages to lower the inhibitions of those around the table.

Your chips or cash will be replaced with items of clothing adding a real feel of jeopardy to proceedings. Think you’ve got a good hand? Prove it by wagering your pants!

Who to Play With?

You definitely don’t want to be playing Strip Poker with anyone from your family, you might have seen your Mom & Dad naked when you were a kid, but you don’t want to see that when you’re an adult!

Secondly, forget about playing on your own because if you’re doing that, you’re effectively adding unnecessary layers of complexity to getting undressed and going to bed!
Strip Poker is best enjoyed by a minimum of four people, males and females although you can play with a much larger crowd if you want. The game is either over when just one of you is left clothed or when you run out of clothes, you decide.

Also, try to avoid playing with anyone who might be shy or overly body conscious, you don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on someone just for the sake of a drinking game.

How To Play Strip Poker

The first thing that you all need to decide on is which variant of the game you intend to play. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular and will most likely be the only one that all of your guests are familiar with.

Having said that, Texas Hold ‘Em is a variant with multiple betting rounds so if you are all scantily clad anyway there’s a risk of everyone being naked at the end of the first round. If you don’t want that to happen, pick a variant with less betting rounds and more drawing to make the game more dramatic and less of an anti-climax.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred variant it’s time to introduce a few house rules to spice up the game, here are a few pointers:

Blinds: If you want your game to be as fast paced as possible then enforce an ‘underwear blind’ rule where every player must bet a piece of underwear as a minimum bet in every round. But if you’re looking to build the tension as much as possible and get the fun flowing make the blinds at the start of every round a shot.

Redemption: If you lose your t-shirt, jeans and socks early on then you’re more likely to play cautiously and avoid getting drawn into bets to save your dignity. Add an incentive for players stuck in that situation by allowing players to replace an item of clothing if they get a straight and to get completely redressed if they hit a Royal Flush.

Forfeits: Most people will be very worried about the prospect of getting completely naked in front of their friends but there is always one exhibitionist in every group. If your buddy Steve doesn’t mind getting naked add an extra element of jeopardy by making the first player to lose all their clothes dance the funky chicken in the middle of the room.

Having Fun

Finally, remember that Strip Poker should be a game that makes a party more exciting and it should not become something that makes people uncomfortable or causes unwanted anxiety.

Speak to all of your guests beforehand and make sure they’re comfortable with Strip Poker before busting out the cards.
If even just one person doesn’t want to play then call it off, it’s no big deal anyway there are plenty of other poker games to choose from and you can find most of them on this site!