Straight Face Drinking Game

This is one of the more absurd and ridiculous games out there. The Straight Face drinking game requires players to try and keep a straight face while reading out words or phrases written by the other players. It’s more of a way to socialize than anything but almost always ends up with hilarious outcomes.


What You’ll Need

What you’ll need for this game is at least 1 writing utensil per player. Plus a heaping stack of shards of paper to write on. The size doesn’t really matter so feel free to just tear up some papers into smaller bits. Then everyone just needs to grab a drink and get ready to play!

How To Play the Straight Face Drinking Game

Players should sit in a circle before the game starts with their papers and pencils ready. Then everyone writes whatever ridiculous word or phrase they can think of on a piece of paper then tosses it in the middle.

Once everyone is done that each player grabs a piece of paper at random from the middle. Play goes around as player read the scrap of paper they picked up aloud.

  • If that player smirks they must drink once
  • If they full out laugh they must drink twice

Optional Rules

Stone Faced

In this variation, after a few rounds players decide who had the best straight face and laughed the least. They now all write multiple papers and get that person to read out each and every one of them until they laugh. Feel free to record this because one way or another it’ll be pretty funny to watch again later.


This rule requires players to finish reading no matter what. So if they smirk or laugh they must drink and try again. They have to keep trying until they successfully read the paper without laughing.


The Straight Face Drinking Game serves as an excellent party game. It gets everyone laughing whether they want to or not. It also doesn’t require too much drinking so it’s a good game to play later on in the night. For more hilarious party games you might want to check out our Heads Up! drinking game.