Straight Dominoes Drinking Game

Looking to play Dominoes and get a little tipsy at the same time? Well we created this Dominoes drinking game for just such an occasion. It follows the rules of Straight Dominoes with added drinking rules. So if you are familiar with that game this should be a breeze. This game is played with anywhere from 2-4 players. It can either be a free for all or 2 vs 2 teams.

What You’ll Need

A full dominoes set and some drinks for each player.

Setting It Up

Shuffle all the dominoes and put them all on the table face down. Everyone draws one of them. Whoever draws the highest total on one domino gets to go first. If anyone draws doubles they must drink equal to which number was on the domino twice.

Straight Dominoes Drinking Game Rules

For those who don’t know how to play straight dominoes what happens is players take turns laying down their dominoes. Making sure the ends match. Then combining the total of all the ends and if it’s a multiple of 5 they score that many points. Official rules can be found Here.

During this game whenever anyone plays a double domino they get to give out drinks equal to which number is doubled on the domino. These drinks can be split up or all given to one person.

If the game becomes blocked then everyone must cheers and take a sip.

Once someone wins by reaching 250pts than everyone else needs to finish their drink.


This Straight Dominoes drinking game is pretty easy to play. The game can end up with a lot of drinking especially if people are ganging up on you so make sure to drink responsibly.