SpeedBump Drinking Game

Speedbump Drinking Game -

SpeedBump is simple yet highly frustrating card game. Players can drink a lot or a little, depending on their luck. The speed bump drinking game requires one player to guess whether the cards on the board are higher or lower, and a dealer to flip them. It plays well with 2 players but can support up to 6 before it starts getting a little tedious.

Set Up

To set up the game the dealer must place 5 cards in a row on the table. All of which should be face up except for the middle (3rd) card. This one will be face down. Then the dealer chooses a player to torment.


The goal of this game is to guess if each card is higher or lower than the flipped card. Players drink for mistakes and must restart. Players can only stop guessing when they either make it to the end or the deck runs out.

How to Play the SpeedBump Drinking Game

Once the 5 cards are on the table the dealer chooses a player to be the guesser. The guesser starts by guessing if the first flip will be higher or lower than the first face up card. The dealer than flips a card. If he’s correct he moves on to the next card. This goes on until the player reaches the speed bump (the 3rd card, the one that’s face down). They must guess higher or lower before seeing what the card is. Then the dealer flips this card and another one to find out if they were correct. Then the player attempts to guess the remaining cards in turn.

If a player ever gets the guess wrong they must drink equal to the position for the card. For example failing on the first card is 1 drink, but failing on the 4th card is worth 4. Then they must restart at the first card.

Players can only stop guessing if they either get all 5 cards right in a row or the deck runs out. However if the deck runs out they lose and must take a shot of the dealers choice.

To mix it up a new dealer and guesser should be picked each round.


The speed bump drinking game can be pretty unforgiving or very easy. Depending on your luck.