We Played Spank The Yeti, Here’s Why You Should Too

Spank The Yeti Review by

Spank The Yeti is an absurd party game where one person must make 3 impossible decisions and then the other players try to guess what they were.

Think of it like a twisted version of “screw, marry, kill” where each round the actions and objects are drawn from the hilarious game decks. The active player (the Yeti) must make impossible decisions such as whether to suckle the teet of Jeff Goldblum or Dance Battle the Wu-Tang Clan.

How It Works

In this game one player is tasked with pairing 3 hilarious action cards to 3 ridiculous object cards and each other player must try and guess which was picked.

The player who must make the decisions is the Yeti. They deal 3 action cards face up on the numbered cards, and then 3 object cards on the lettered cards.

The Yeti’s job is to secretly pair each action with an object. Once decided each other player must then guess how the Yeti decided.

Players use their ABC cards to predict what the Yeti chose. Once everyone is done each player scores a point for each correct guess. Play goes until someone reaches 15 points. May the most intuitive player win.

Spank The Yeti Review

With a million joke making games on the market, it can be hard for one of them to stand out. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised when we tried Spank the Yeti.

As far as set up goes, it only takes moments to explain and get the game started. And from there it offers hours of entertainment. In fact it was so much fun we kept playing well beyond the 15 point victory limit.

If somehow players manage to get bored of the base game there’s a great “geek” expansion to keep things fresh. Or if you’re looking for a more PG version there’s always the classic Schmovie.

With countless combinations of object and action cards this game packs a ton of replay value. Overall Spank The Yeti is one of the funnest games we’ve ever played. We highly recommend this game for anyone with an adult sense of humor. A great way to kick-start an outing and get everyone laughing.