South Park Drinking Game (Seasons 1 to 6)

South Park is one of the longest running animated shows still running, and we have no idea why it took us this long to create a South Park drinking game. This show follows the main characters Cartman, Kyle and Stan (And Kenny if you’re watching the earlier seasons). The show focuses on their misadventures through the fictional Colorado town of South Park.

We decided to split these drinking games into two separate games. Before and after seasons six. This is because the show starts to change after season six. Kenny stops becoming a constant cast member, Butters largely fills his spot, Chef dies, and the whole show focuses more on recent trends or films. If you want to check out our drinking game for the later seasons it can be found here.


Any episode within the first six seasons of south park and some drinks. Luckily most of the episodes are available to watch for free on their website.

South Park Early Seasons Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Something gets bleeped or censored
  • There’s a celebrity appearance (or impersonation)
  • Cartman says something anti semitic
  • Someone calls Cartman fat
  • Chef says “Hey there children!”
  • Jesus makes an appearance
  • Kyle kicks the baby
  • Jimbo or Ned shoot something
  • Cartman yells at his cat

Chug for the duration of Stan or Kyles monologues

Finish your drink whenever Kenny dies. (This should happen precisely once per episode. But sometimes you’ll need to keep an eye on the background to notice)

Bonus Rule:

Any time Kenny speaks, if anyone can tell what he says they can shout it out, all other players drink.


This South Park drinking game should work for any episode within the early seasons. It’ll work with the later seasons too but a lot of the rules will become irrelevant. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.