Some Irish Drinking Games to Help Get The Job Done this St Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day Drinking Game -

First thing to understand is that most Irish drinking games don’t really have a winner or loser. The goal is simply to get drunk and move on with your day. So if you’re expecting a card game where there’s a clear winner and loser than you might want to check out our drinking card games. But if you want to get drunk in the spirit of the holiday than here’s our favorite 5 St Patrick’s Day drinking games to help you feel 10% more Irish.


5 Great Irish Drinking Games

Irish Quarters

Unlike regular quarters this game has nothing to do with bouncing a quarter into a cup. In fact it’s far simpler than that. Each player grabs as many beers as they want and then one player starts to spin a quarter on the table. Once the spinning starts, everyone grab your drinks and chug. The winner is the player who finished the most alcohol before the quarter stops spinning.

Shot Potato

This St Patrick’s Day drinking game requires someone to stay out of the game and stop the music when necessary. Players pass around a potato much like a regular game of hot potato. Once the music stops whoever is holding the potato takes a shot. Simple as that. If players want they can just pass around a bottle of whiskey and drink straight from the bottle. Then restarting the music and continue playing until the bottle is emptied.

Blarney Ball

This is less of a drinking game and more of just being a douche with a ball. Which sounds like an increasingly great idea after every pint. What you’ll need for this is a soft ball and a bit of drunken courage. The object here is to hit stuff with the ball.

  • Hit a person? 50 pts.
  • Hit a person in the head? 100 pts.
  • Hit a bar mirror? 1000 pts.
  • Hit a police officer? You win the game. Run.

Irish Poker

This one is more in line with classic drinking card games. In this game players try to guess properties of the next card they are dealt. If they’re wrong they drink if they’re right they give a drink. Once players have all their cards the dealer flips over cards in the middle and the players get to give or take drinks if they have those cards. For more detailed rules click here.

Power Hour

Power hour is nothing more than a sheer test of endurance. Each player gets a shot glass and a timer is set to go off every minute. Players take a shot of whatever they’re drinking every minute for an entire hour. If anyone wants to go beyond the 60 minutes and try to outlast each other go for it. Typically this is played with beer because it gets pretty tough to pour and mix drinks before the clock goes off, and using hard alcohol for this might be a death sentence. If you are to play this as a St Patrick’s day drinking game make sure to do it early in the night, because it’ll get ya there.



There you have it. Our favorite Irish drinking games. If you played any of these games correctly you should already be halfway drunk so go hit a pub and see where the night takes you.