Snap Drinking Game

This game takes the classic game of Snap and adds a simple drinking aspect. It’s incredibly simple and gets funner as you drink more. The Snap drinking game is great for a quick laugh and you might polish off a few beers in the process.

What You’ll Need

All you need for the game Snap is a few drinks and a deck of cards. Then a dealer is selected who will be calling out cards instead of playing the game. A great role for a DD or someone who has already had enough to drink.

How to Pay the Snap Drinking Game

The rules to this game are simple. First the deck is shuffled. Then the dealer starts flipping cards over and saying aloud the value of the card. If at any point the same value card is seen twice in a row the players must say “Snap!” and try to throw their hand down on the pile of card. The last player to do so drinks. It’s as simple as that. Feel free to switch dealers whenever the deck runs out and needs more shuffling.

Optional Rule : Higher Stakes

In this variant every time a face card is flipped it raises the amount of drinking the slowest snapper has to do by one sip. This means if there is 4 face cards flipped before any doubles are seen and snap is called, than the slowest to slap the deck must drink 5 times. Once for the initial drink and 4 for the additional face cards. This rule adds a bit of tension if multiple face cards keep popping up and it’s taking forever for a snap to occur.


The Snap drinking game is simple fun. There’s really not much too it so feel free to include our optional rule. It’s also not a ton of drinking on it’s own so it’s a great game to play at the end of the night when everyone is already half in the bag. If you’re looking for a more complex drinking card/dice game we suggest Devil’s Dice.