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Smile Drinking Game

The classic Smile drinking game is about as easy as it sounds. Get the other players to smile or be stuck under the table. It’s a little raunchy and requires a long table cloth to play so it’s definitely not for everyone. This game works best with anywhere from 4-10 players as long as they can all sit around a circular table. Smile has more to do with being a drunken joker than actually drinking, so it’s best to go into this game after everyone is already a bit tipsy. It’s also best to have a somewhat equal number of guys and gals at the table.

What You’ll Need

For this game you need a table cloth that not only covers the table but reaches the ground on all sides. Then you need a single die and players should each have a drink in front of them.

Smile Drinking Game Rules

For this game everyone needs to have their pants down to their ankles below the table.

To decide who goes first roll the die. Whoever is first to roll a 6 must go under the table.

The goal of this game is to not smile. The player under the table must try to make someone smile however they want. You can see how this might get a little risky. If they manage to get someone to smile they can emerge from under the table and players keep rolling the die. The player who smiled must take a big swig of their drink.

Once someone gets a 6 again they must go back under the table.

Additional Rules

  • If someone rolls a 1, everyone takes a drink.
  • If someone rolls a 5, they drink.
  • If someone rolls a 3, they tell someone else to take a drink.


The smile drinking game sometimes has different rules depending on the crowd so feel free to add any rules you think would be fun.