The Definitive Smash Bros. Ultimate Drinking Game (5 Ways To Play!)

It has long been my stance that smash bros makes for one of the funnest drinking games around and this iteration is no exception. So we decided to come up with the definitive Smash Bros Ultimate drinking game.

We decided this time around to make multiple smaller drinking games for each individual mode. So no matter how you love to play the game we got you covered.

The Definitive Smash Bros. Ultimate Drinking Game Rules


Well start with the most common mode that everyone loves; Versus Mode.

  • Whenever someone successfully finishes their characters longest taunt, they can make someone else take a drink.
  • If you commit suicide and fall off the map due to your own negligence drink 3 times.
  • If you die to a Pokemon or assist trophy, take a drink.
  • If someone hits you with their final smash drink 3 times.
  • If someone gets a master ball everyone else must take a drink.
  • If someone gets Mew or Celebi out of a Pokeball everyone must stop playing immediately, toast and then finish their drinks. Then they can resume playing.
  • At the end of the match drink equal to your position unless you’re first place. For example 2nd place drinks 2 times, 3rd place drinks 3 times, etc…

Squad Strike

This mode is new to Smash Ultimate. It’s where players choose either 3 or 5 characters each and then have an epic battle where each stock is represented by a new character.

  • Whenever your opponent loses a stock put a bit of drink into a cup that’s placed between both players. At the end of the game whoever lost drinks everything in the cup.
  • To make things a bit more fair for the loser, for the next round the loser gets to pick the characters for the winner.

Tourney Mode

This is a classic mode brought back from melee and brawl where giant brackets are set up and players battle to see who’s the best. Perfect if you have a ton of people who want to play.

First to set this up put up a 32 man bracket. Play with as many players as you want and substitute the rest with CPUs.

  • Drink whenever you lose a stock.
  • If you get eliminated in the first round finish your drink.
  • If you get eliminated you must pick someone else and drink with them until they get eliminated. Keep doing this for the rest of the tournament.

World of Light

This is Ultimate’s brand new story mode. It’s mostly a single player endeavor so it might not make for the best game for a large group of people but you can always pass the controller around.

  • If you fail one of the challenges drink 3 times
  • Whenever you get a skill sphere take a sip.
  • Whenever you unlock a spirit you can choose someone else in the room to take a drink
  • If you unlock one of the characters in the game choose someone to drink 3 times

Classic Mode

  • Whenever you lose a stock take a drink.
    • If that stock is lossed to a giant or metal character take two drinks.
    • If that stock is lossed to a Final Smash take 3 drinks.
    • If it’s lost to a boss take 5 drinks.

And yes, these drinks stack. So if you lose a stock to the final smash of a metal character’s final smash you owe 5 drinks.


That about covers it for our awesome Smash Bros Ultimate drinking game. Although we’ll probably add more modes as time marches forward so keep checking back. If you liked this you might want to check out our massive collection of video game drinking games for the Nintendo Switch.