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Sloperation – Our Operation Drinking Game

Sloperation the Operation Drinking Game -

We’ve all played the horribly frustrating game of Operation. You sit there trying to carefully pluck out the funny bone and after the hundredth failure you end up on WebMD making sure you don’t have Parkinson’s. Personally I’m not sure if I’ve ever removed that blasted pencil without throwing a small tantrum but hey, it couldn’t be that hard could it?

Naturally this game of careful dexterity mixes perfectly with a few drinks. Our drinking version of Operation has players drinking for every mistake they make, as well as some poor saps having to chug a drink for not being able to drop the pieces on a floating cap. So without further adieu we present our Operation Drinking Game – Sloperation.

What you’ll need

To play this game you’ll need a few items. A copy of Operation, two pint glasses (or any type of glass if you don’t have a pint glass handy), a bottle cap and drinks.

The Idea

Players will have to drink for every mistake they make and they must continue until they successfully get a piece. Once a player finally fishes out a piece they must place it on the bottle cap that’s floating in the cup and hope it doesn’t sink. If it does sink they must chug the drink.

Sloperation - the Operation Drinking Game

Setting up the game

Set up here is relatively simple. Fill one pint glass with beer, the other with water (This one is for washing the pieces). Place the bottle cap in the pint glass full of beer, it should float. You’ll want the cups close to the board because that little cord the tweezers are attached too doesn’t reach all too far. Otherwise you can grab your own pair of tweezers instead of using the dinky ones that come with the game.

Operation Drinking Game Rules

Choose a player to start the game. The player who starts must attempt to remove a piece from the Operation board. Every time they fail they take a drink and continue to try and get a piece out.

Once a player succeeds in getting a piece out they must try to carefully place it on the floating bottle cap without sinking it. If the player accidentally sinks the piece or the bottle cap he must chug the whole drink. (Careful not to swallow any pieces!)

After each turn play continues clockwise. The game ends when all pieces are successfully removed from the board.

Other Fun Drinking Rules For Games

This game can be a lot of drinking if you don’t have the most steady hands. Not to mention how much harder this game gets with every passing sip. It’s not unheard of to have a player totally give up on the game when they realize they’re a bit too drunk to ever hope to get a piece out of the board. If you and your friends think you’re up to the challenge we welcome all of you to try out our Operation Drinking Game – Sloperation.