Slaps Drinking Game Rules

The confusing game of Slaps involves players interlocking their arms around a table and then slapping the correct arm when the one next to them is slapped. It’s fairly easy to play and doesn’t require any extra supplies like cards or dice. It works with any number of players but you want more than 2 otherwise it’s just a couple people holding hands.

What You’ll Need

A round table for everyone to sit around. (Alternatively you could play on the floor in a circle). And a drink for every player.

Setting It Up

Before this game can start you need to make sure everyone has their hands set up correctly on the table. Each player should place their left hand in front of the player to their left and their right hand in front of the player to their right. Once everyone does this everyone’s hands should be interlocked so each player has two hands in front of them, the right hand of the player to their left and the left hand of the player to their right.

Slaps Drinking Game Rules

The game starts with the starting player specifying which direction the game will go in. Either “left” or “right”. Then they slap the matching hand on the table. After that play follows the direction mentioned and each player must slap the same hand. Once it goes around the player who started it can switch directions if they choose to.

If anyone messes up they drink.

Additional Rules

This game can be a little easy once you get the hang of it so consider adding in one of these extra rules after every few rounds.

  • Players can opt to make a closed fist with their hand while slapping. This switches the direction of play but they don’t have to state that it’s happening.
  • Players can double slap the table, which skips over the next player.
  • If those rules aren’t enough for the slaps drinking game think up some new ones and add them as you go along.