Slam Pong Drinking Game Rules

Slam Pong is a sort of cross between beer pong and traditional table tennis. Unlike beer pong it does require both players to use a ping pong paddle. The goal of this beer drinking game is to land the ping pong ball into the cup, hit it, or knock it over. Rallies take place much like in traditional ping pong with players hitting the ball back and forth until someone lands a hit on the cup. This game is either played with 2 people (1 vs 1) or with 4 people (2 vs 2).

Setting It Up

For this game each player needs 1 full cup placed in front of them on their side of the ping pong table. For this game you’re going to want lots of booze and something to clean up the spills like a rag. You may also want to get a surplus of ping pong balls because it’s really easy to lose them during this game.

How to Play the Slam Pong Drinking Game

This game plays out similar to traditional ping pong. The starting team grabs the ping and serves it as normal, making sure it bounces once on their own side before crossing to the opponents side.

Here’s where things deviate from regular ping pong rules. After the serve any return can be done in 2 hits, 1 from each player. This means one player can “set” it up and the other player can wait for the bounce and then “slam” it to the opponents side.

If the ball lands legally (crossing to the opponents side) then play is continues. Play does however typically end after one slam due to how hard it is to return. If the ball goes out of play or bounces for a second time on the same side then that team must serve the next round. (serving is disadvantageous in this game).

The goal of the game is to hit one of your opponents cups. Depending how they hit the cup is how many points they earn.

  1. A simple hit is worth 1 point.
  2. A sink is worth 2 points.
  3. A knockover is worth 3 points.

First team to 5 points win the game. Whenever a team scores a point each team member must drink 1/5th of their own cup. This makes slam pong interesting because as you get closer to winning your cups will also get lighter and easier to knock over by the opposing team.