Skull and Dice Drinking Game

The Skull and Dice drinking game is fast paced and can be a lot of drinking for those of us who have trouble remembering all the drinking rules. So before the game starts make sure each player has a clear understanding of the rules so that nobody is accidentally breaking them and being penalized by Skulling a full drink.

The name of this game comes from the term “skulling a drink” which simply means to chug the rest of it.

What You’ll Need

All that’s required for this game is a single die and copious amounts of alcohol.

Skull and Dice Drinking Game Rules

Choose a player to start. On their turns players simply roll the die, do an action, then pass it clockwise.

  • 1 or 6: Take a sip
  • 2 or 4: Nothing happens
  • 3: Take 3 swigs and roll again. If you roll three 3’s in a row you must skull the rest of your drink.
  • 5: Choose someone else to take a sip

This game also has a list of penalties. All of which result in skulling a drink if they happen so be very careful.

  • If you’re caught pointing at someone, skull your drink.
  • If you roll the dice and it falls off the table, skull your drink.
  • If you say the word “Skull” you must skull your drink.


This Skull and Dice drinking game can either be very little drinking or way too much drinking, depending how good you are at avoiding the penalties. There’s a bit of a spiraling effect where the player who breaks the rule gets more drunk, causing them to break more rules, so please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you require one. If you’re looking for a drinking game a bit on the lighter side we suggest taking a look at the Chase the Ace drinking game!