Six Cups Drinking Game Rules

Sixes -

This one is very similar to the game Sixes with a few differences. It’s very easy to play and can involve a ton of drinking so it’s a great pre-game drinking game. What you do is roll a die, then check the corresponding cup. If it’s full drink it, if it’s empty fill it. Simple as that. This game works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

6 cups (preferably various sizes), one six sided die and some drinks. Plus a flat surface to play on.

Set Up

To set this game up place all six cups in a row. Leave them empty. Then each player rolls the die. Highest goes first. Turn order is clockwise.

Six Cups Drinking Game Rules

On your turn simply roll the die. Then look for the corresponding cup, where 1 is the cup closest to you and 6 is the furthest.

If it’s empty fill it up and pass the die to the next player.

If it’s full drink it and roll again.

Extra Rules

The Full Monty: If ever you roll and fill up the final sixth cup that’s considered the Full Monty. Pass out the drinks to whoever you want to and they have to drink them.

Make-a-rule: If on your turn you drink 4 or more cups you get to create a game rule. If anyone is caught breaking the rule they have to drink.


That’s pretty much it for the Six cups drinking game rules. It’s a very easy game to play and get the hang of. If you’re looking for a dice game with a little more complexity we suggest taking a look at our own Shuffle Dice game! Please be sure to remember that if you plan on playing heavy drinking games like these that you should always mind your limits and drink responsibly.