Six Cup Drinking Game

Sixes -

The Six Cup drinking game is pretty similar to a dice game called sixes. It’s basically just about rolling a die and hoping to fill up a cup rather than pounding it back. So raid your cupboard for some strange glassware and grab some drinks and friends. This game supports any number of players you want but I’d say it works best in smaller groups of 4-8.

What You’ll Need

6 cups of varying sizes. The more different they are the better as it makes things a little more interesting. Then a single die and various types of drinks.

How to Play the Six Cup Drinking Game

This one is about as simple as they come. First place all the glasses into a straight line, these will correspond to the numbers on the dice. (The closest one to the player is 1, the furthest is 6). Players should gather around a table or flat surface where all the cups are.

To play the game players just take turns clockwise rolling a die. If it corresponds to an empty cup, great! Just fill it up with whatever drink you want. (Keep it simple with mixed drinks or beer, because people will be chugging these cups).

However if the number corresponds to a cup that already has some drink in it you have to drink it up.

Players only get one roll on their turn then they pass the die off to the left for the next player to take their turn.


There’s no real way to tell when this game is over, so just play until you’ve had enough. Games like the six cup drinking game can very quickly lead to over consumption of alcohol so please make sure to drink responsibly and mind your limits.